We are the oldest church in the village with a rich history.

The First Presbyterian Church of Lewiston, New York was an official entity in Niagara County on June 12 1817. The first Communion celebration was held with 11 members.

In 1820, membership was at 26, and Sunday School registrations were at 75. A building committee was formed in 1826, and the first brick was laid in 1830. The first funeral was held in 1834 in an incomplete church, sitting on planks under the open sky. By 1835 new pews were installed and the first Annual meeting was underway. Missionaries from Upper Canada and the Presbytery conducted worship services.

 Title to the property was executed in 1839, with the deed finalized in 1840. In 1844, the church had to be sold to pay its mortgage of over $600. The building was sold at an auction on the steps of the Frontier House for a mere $100. Immediately, the building was sold back to the congregation for $101. From 1846-48 the Holland Land Company granted the church 100 acres of land that was in turn sold to raise money for continued construction. The cupola and Doric columns were added along with straight pews and a new organ. In 1906 the basement was excavated to make room for Sunday School rooms, a tiny kitchen and a coal bin.

From our humble beginnings many area churches have been formed: Niagara Falls, Youngstown and Lockport Presbyterian Churches.

The 1960's brought about more additions. In 1964, a larger sanctuary was necessary so ground breaking began. September 1965, the cornerstone was laid for the new building. In 1966, and still existing, Nursery School/ Pre K was established. Many missionaries were supported during this time.

1982 brought about a new ministry for the church. HART (Home Assistance Referral Team) was established. This organization services the elderly all over Niagara County. HART assists people who require personal care in their home, companionship and home maintenance.

Organizations such as Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous, Recovery International, Red Cross and others use the building for activities and meeting areas.

We are fortunate to have two sanctuaries for worship. The Old Stone Church is used in the spring and fall, while the hotter summer months we worship in the coolness of air-conditioning. We are a welcoming congregation, and we look forward to meeting you.